MOMA Café & Mille e una notte are the hospitality partners of Manifesto Gibellina - Dream in Progress:

Hotel Gibellina Nuova,  O.M. Ungers, 1981

Hotel Gibellina Nuova,  O.M. Ungers, 1981




Elegant and refined, suitable to satisfy your every need. In a mix of Art, History and Culture, with the renewal of the venue in 2016, it gives life to a new concept of creativity and communication: a design of hospitality outside of the usual circuits. A refined structure, attentive to the most precious detail, together with the linearity of materials lived such as wood, steel and stone. Exclusive environments that will make your event unique in a mix of design, art and architecture.

Via Indipendenza Siciliana
91024 Gibellina (TP)
+39 334 766 10 22


Mille e una notte


Gibellina is a great storyteller, a treasure chest of emotions and memories buried under the Cretto di Burri that contains the mystery and memory of the earthquake; a vase full of wonders of contemporary art with its museums and unrepeatable masterpieces by Mario Schifano; an always industrious workshop where the voices of Pietro Consagra, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Carla Accardi and the many artists who have woven the most recent plot still resound. The guesthouse " One Thousand and One Nights " welcomes travelers,  welcoming them in a modern structure, perfectly integrated into the architectural fabric of the city, making available to its guests everything that can be useful to make the trip unforgettable...

Via Pietro Novelli 13
91024 Gibellina (TP)
+39 366 5362894