Discover the Beauty of Reconstruction: Invest in Gibellina. The Capital of a Concrete Tomorrow.

The community of Gibellina forms together a collective total work of art, a participative non-for-profit foundation called Concrete Capital Cretto (CCC) to create a tax paradise, as an incentive to attract people and new businesses and to foster the local economy. 
All the activities of the members/citizens of Gibellina Nuova, being it economic, cultural or private, are considered part of the production of a total work of art in progress and therefore tax deductible. 
From buying food to selling products, providing services, working in agriculture, to producing art or wine, every action will be considered part of the activities of the cultural non-for-profit foundation, a legal tool called 'fondazione di partecipazione', and will be deductible from income taxes and VAT.


“The dream continues - Gibellina is beautiful, let’s make it more beautiful.”
“Money is a material like concrete, it unites people. Social capital unites and is harder than concrete.”
“Capital, the concrete of Tomorrow. Gibellina Nuova, the financial ‘Cretto' of our times.”

— H. Lecube, Manifesto Real Estate Development

City Hall, Gibellina Nuova

City Hall, Gibellina Nuova


“Every citizen as member of CCC can play his own character in a theatre play called Gibellina Nuova, a collective theatre in reverse, a local heritage of the Greek tragedy.”

— D. D.

“Gibellina Nuova, where everybody is nobody and everything is art.”

— J. B.